2012 Online Shopping Customer Experience Study


Research Report Synopsis by Chris Kirby

In November 2012, VHT released the Online Shopping Customer Experience Study. The research investigated the online purchase experience of consumers across various devices including smartphone. By evaluating the shopping habits of consumers this report reveals the pain points consumers have to endure and their consequences for organisations.

A survey of 400 US consumers identified the following key insights:

  • 91.8% of consumers own more than one device (including desktop computer, laptop, netbook, smartphone, tablet, eReader).
  • The top three most often used devices for online shopping and purchasing are laptop (42.8%), desktop (37.5%) and smartphone (12.5%).
  • Nearly half of consumers (45%) are browsing online on a daily basis.
  • The top three categories consumers are purchasing online are Apparel (79.8%), Books (68.0%) and Household Goods (63.5%).
  • Nearly half of consumers (47.8%) spend $0-$100 per month with a further third (32.8%) spending an average of $101-$250.
  • The top 3 retailer websites visited are amazon.com (23%), Walmart (16%) and ebay (15%).
  • Nearly 6 in 10 (59.8%) of consumers report that they have been frustrated or had problems trying to make online purchases.
  • The top three frustrations expressed by consumers are ‘having problems correctly reading and using the captcha (60.3%), ‘having trouble using promo codes, gift card redemption, or with other discount’ (46.0%) and ‘the product was back-ordered’ (32.2%).
  • In addition nearly two thirds (59.8%) of consumers attempting to make an online purchase said they ‘Had been frustrated trying to obtain help to solve an online purchase problem.
  • When consumers experience an issue, 37.7% report they will leave the site or give up, 34.3% will seek further assistance, whilst 25.5% will shop elsewhere.
  • In most instances, consumers who seek further assistance will call customer service (46.3%) and a further third (35.4%) will use web chat to contact customer service.
  • When presented with a solution that provides a service whereby consumers can click or tap within the website/app to receive an immediate or scheduled callback from customer service, nearly half (49.8%) rated this as extremely desirable and nearly two thirds (63.3%) reporting they would be extremely likely to use it.
  • Nearly two thirds of consumers (61.5%) report they would be ‘very likely’ to purchase more products through a website or app that offers a click or tap customer service help solution.

This report highlights there is significant opportunity for organisations to alleviate some of the frustrations consumers have when shopping online. The key conclusions highlighted include:

  • Consumers regularly experience issues when shopping online that often requires additional follow up with customer service via the contact centre or web chat. These issues can lead to a lost sale and potentially negative perceptions of the retailer. Therefore there is a real commercial opportunity to helping consumers connect more easily to customer service by providing technology that bridges the gap between the website/app and customer service more effectively.
  • Further, retailers should consider that online shoppers use a variety of devices. The online shopping experience, then, should be optimised across devices and screens to provide a streamlined path to assistance.


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These - and regularly scheduled future enhancements to Lifesize Cloud - continue to fuel global adoption of the video SaaS offering and Lifesize® Icon™ family to deliver a truly Connected Experience as more than 1,000 companies have subscribed to the service, logging millions of meeting minutes during the first 10 months of availability.

"From small businesses to global corporations, the demand for cloud-based video communications is exploding,” said Andreas Wienold, Vice President International of Lifesize. “Consumer applications have influenced the need to be fully accessible, anywhere at any time. Lifesize Cloud delivers the industry’s most integrated video experience, making it easy to connect across offices, small or large conference rooms and mobile devices in a scalable way.”

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Lifesize Cloud brings simple, easy-to-use and scalable video communications to every person and every conference room, across devices, applications, browsers and Lifesize endpoints. The new enhancements include:

  • Interoperability with Microsoft® Lync®: Any one of the more than 100 million enterprise Lync users can join meetings hosted on Lifesize Cloud from their Lync client application with just one click
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  • Browser-Based Calling: Whether you use Google Chrome or Internet Explorer®, you can make “one-click” Lifesize Cloud video calls directly from your web browser. Lifesize customers and guest users that join meetings via browsers are greeted with a newly refreshed Call Me page featuring a clean and visually stimulating interface
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  • Account insights: Monitor which teams are leveraging video conferencing with the new active/available user dashboard. With this report, account managers can reallocate Lifesize Cloud accounts across the organisation to get the most out of their investment.
  • More devices: Join your video conference from the latest Android™ devices including Samsung™ Galaxy Tab® Pro 12.2, Samsung Galaxy Note® 4, Motorola™ Moto™ X 2013 edition and iOS devices including iPhone® 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

These updates follow the January announcement of two new Lifesize endpoints: Lifesize® Icon 400™ and Lifesize® Icon Flex™. Icon 400 is designed especially for the huddle room and is purpose-built to deliver stunning, easy-to-use video communication with Lifesize Cloud and support all of the ways people communicate. Icon Flex is designed for businesses that already deploy a personal collaboration application and turns any small meeting room environment into a complete conference room solution.

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